Using SEO to Increase Web Traffic

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a way of using specific tools and techniques to try and rank you higher in search engines. There are several ways to do like employing keywords or increasing web content but all of these techniques are basically geared towards making it easier for search engines to understand and detect your web content.

 Learning and using SEO is an important part of ensuring continued or increasing traffic to your website. What is a website after all if nobody is there to see it? You can promote your website and link it onto all of your social media posts but if Google puts your website on the 7th page of all its search results, you are not likely to have any sustainable growth with your website. Below are some of the most basic ways to ensure increase web traffic using SEO.


Make Keywords a Priority

 SEO is all about keywords. All of your pages should have effective keywords on them to enable search engines to detect your website. When choosing which keywords to use, you should always have the consumer in mind. When choosing keywords you have to put yourself in the consumer’s shoes and think about the kind of keywords they are likely to type out before they click that search button. The better you get at figuring out what keywords or combination of keywords are most relevant to your site, the better you will be able to reach the customer base you are eyeing. Tools like Google Keyword Planner can produce data about the most popular keywords being used which will help you redefine how you choose your keywords.

Tag Even Your Images

A rookie mistake a lot of websites do is forgetting to tag their images. Images are not only posted on your website to fill the empty space or to provide your client something to look at. When an internet user types out “best bbq Vancouver” it is an image of your logo or your restaurant that you want to pop out of the searches first. The images you post can be a very powerful tool it is really such a shame that so many people miss this opportunity by not tagging their images.

Backlinks and why Hyperlinking other Websites can Pay off in your Favor

Backlinks are links from a web page back to your very own page or site. Another blogger or website may have found your content to be useful, linking your page onto their own essentially delivering “referrals” to your doorstep. This is why it is important to include hyperlinks of other blogs and websites on your own page. Others could do the same for you down the road.

Buy Website Traffic

 As an aside, another great way to increase web traffic is to buy website traffic.  Granted, these are unorthodox means of increasing traffic to your site but it is straight forward and effective. Buy website traffic and increase your site’s revenue without much effort.